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Hope you are doing well Kevin!

There are recycling centers all over.  In Hamilton county they have a great one and you can even pick out up to 3 paint cans or chemicals for free.  I don't care about the color on my beehives so much so free paint from there plus last time there they had a full bottle of CLR so I took that.

But they take computers, electronics, etc.  If we hung out there one Saturday AM we could have a lot more stuff to sell!


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With "the artist formerly known as Indianapolis Hamfest" right around the corner, perhaps it might be helpful to remind everyone about Technology Recyclers<https://tech-recyclers.com/>.

They are located just south of Washington Street on Franklin Road, on the east side of Indianapolis.  They accept electronics, computer, and similar items - both from households and from businesses - primarily for free.  (They charge $20 per monitor or TV screen, but everything else is recycled at no charge to the contributor.)  They are certified as responsible recyclers, including proper data-destruction on computer items.

I've donated my own unsellable items to them in the past.  As individuals and clubs consider what to do with unwanted items before and after the coming hamfest - I mean, "Expo" - I urge them to take the extra step to ensure disposal of the items.  This is not just the environmentally and legally responsible thing to do, but it supports a good local business and recycles valuable resources into the next generation of technology.

Sugar Creek Solutions LLC

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