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Thu May 5 19:34:41 EDT 2022

SB DX @ WW < KB8NW $OPDX.1563.1
Ohio/Penn DX Special Bulletin No. 1563.1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAY 5th, 2022 (edited)

Amateur Radio is Supporting a Special Mother's Day Event
for Ukraine - EA4/UT5UY

 Tens of thousands of mothers and children have left their home without
a father, heading to the safety of nearby countries and away from the
war-zone. At the same time the Ukrainian men stayed behind, defending
their homeland from this unexpected attack on their country.

 Amateur Radio was suspended in Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, but now
there is an allowance obtained to transmit amateur radio remotely, by
using an Ukraine CEPT license as long as the RF emissions are not from
the Ukrainian soil.

 Well-known DXpeditioner Alex, UT5UY, went on the air on May 4th as
EA4/UT5UY using a remote station in Madrid, Spain. Amateur Radio will
also be used during the upcoming Mother's day when Alex will greet his
wife, Sasha and his 12 year old son Daniel, currently living in Finland.
This is in line with IARU's theme:  "Never Alone", and showcasing the
fact that Amateur Radio has an important role even during the world's
most turbulent times.

 You can join Alex and his family on the air, on Saturday, May 7th, on
14260 kHz at 1100 UTC and again at 1500 UTC and give Alex your moral
support that he and his family needs during these dire times.

 Alex is ever grateful to Fred, WW4LL, from (www.beloud.us <http://www.beloud.us/>) as well as
to Jerry, WB9Z, for providing Alex this remote station opportunity and
for bringing him back to the amateur radio brotherhood, at a time when
moral and material support is needed the most.

 Warmest Regards,
 Adrian, LA/KO8SCA;  Martti, OH2BH; Pasi, OH2MZB; Pekka, OH2TA and
 Timo, OH5LLR.

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