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> Subject: URGENT: HR 607 - Threat to Amateur Radio Spectrum
> 23 FEB 2011 - 1502 CST
> Fellow Central Division Members:
> Most of you have probably already received email message inserted
> inside this message.  If this is the first time you have received it, I
> urge you to act on this spectrum pprotection issue as soon as possible. 
> However, I want to add information that applies to all such email letter
> campaigns.
> 1.  Always avoid emotional statements regardless of how strong you may
> feel about a particular issue.  The saying "You can catch more flies
> with honey than with vinegar." should be the guiding principle in your
> email letter to your elected representatives.  Do not make threats or
> call anybody names - this is totally counterproductive.
> 2. I encourage you to personalize your letter, but please keep item #1
> in mind.
> 3. Do not send your letter directly to your representative via the U.S
> Postal Service.  It will be delayed as much as eight (8) weeks for
> detailed inspection for anthrax contamination and other nasty things. 
> Then your letter will arrive with a lot of other non-related mail and
> will have far less impact.  If you want to send a paper letter, please
> mail it to our paid lobbyist, John Schwat.
> 4. Please send your email letters to our lobbyist, John Schwat.  He
> will print them and deliver them in person to your elected federal
> representatives.
> A couple of key points to remember when discussing our opposition to HR
> 607:
> A.  We understand and support the principle that Public Safety and
> First responders should have the D-Block frequencies.
> B.  Our opposition to the bill stems from the inclusion of the 420-440
> MHZ Amateur allocation as part of the proposed "frequency swap".
> Time is of the essence on this request, as HR 607 is gathering steam in
> Congress.  Please send your email letters ASAP.
> =============================================================
> A new bill, "Broadband for First Responders Act of 2011" in the U.S.
> House of Representatives (HR 607) includes provisions to auction off a
> portion of the 70cm band allocated to amateur radio. The ARRL is asking
> hams to contact their representatives and ask them to oppose this bill.
> More information on the bill and how to communicate with your
> representative can be found at:
> http://www.arrl.org/news/spectrum-management-bill-threatens-amateur-frequencies
> There is also a sample letter and information on how to identify your
> representative on the website.
> http://www.arrl.org/sample-letters
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> Director: George R Isely, W9GIG
> w9gig at arrl.org
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