Jim Keeth af9a at arrl.net
Sat Jan 5 22:21:08 EST 2008

SOLAR CYCLE 24 BEGINS:  Solar physicists have been waiting for the 
appearance of a reversed-polarity sunspot to signal the start of the 
next solar cycle. The wait is over. Yesterday, a magnetically reversed 
sunspot emerged at solar latitude 30 N.

For reasons explained in a recent Science at NASA story, this marks the 
beginning of Solar Cycle 24 and the first step toward a new solar 
maximum. Intense solar activity won't begin right away. Solar cycles 
usually take a few years to build from solar minimum (where we are now) 
to Solar Max (expected in 2011 or 2012). It's a slow journey, but we're 
on our way!

 From SpaceWeather.com

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